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It's all about you!

We specialise in fitting AT solutions to you and your unique needs. Customisation is our middle name!

With an interdisciplinary team and amazing facilities (including a full workshop), we can customise solutions to meet your specific needs.
If what you need doesn’t exist “off the shelf” we can tailor a specialised solution just for you.

This may involve combining several products to meet your specific postural support needs, some custom programming for your communication
device, or using one of our custom-moulded seat products in your wheelchair.

Focus AT utilises a holistic approach to equipment provision. We provide support for you to access the equipment and technology that you require to maximise your mobility and support your posture through the full 24 hours of your day

At Focus AT, our team uses pressure mapping technology to help with prevention and treatment of pressure injuries and equipment selection.

Your equipment needs to meet your needs over time. Focus AT can work with you to make adjustments to ensure your equipment is comfortable, safe and functions well.

Our AT Technicians offer a range of repair, maintenance, programming, and set-up services. We can service most types of mobility and positioning equipment.

Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) provides an alternative method of speaking or communicating for individuals who experience challenges or delays in speech and communication.

Staying mobile might mean that your car needs some modification to allow you to travel safely or to carry your mobility equipment. Focus AT offers a range of solutions to your transport needs.

Joy Riders is an “on-time mobility” program for kids aged 0-8 years utilising powered devices including our fun Koalas.

Focus AT offers a range of programs to participants who would like to work on specific AT-related skills such as powered mobility skills, and manual wheelchair skills.

Our team offers training opportunities to a broad section of our community including support professionals, allied health professionals, day services, and schools.

What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive Technology, or AT, is any equipment, system or software that allows people to perform to everyday life activities. Our team here at Focus AT will work with you to find the best solution for your needs!

Living Successfully with Assistive Technology